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1.  Call the Police to report the collision 

After being involved in a motor vehicle collision you should always call the Police to report the location of the accident, the information regarding the cars involved in the collision and to request medical assistance, if medical assistance is necessary.

2. Call your Personal Injury lawyer at Velasquez Law Group, PLLC immediately: (512) 746-2204

It is normal to be in distress and a worry after a traumatic event such as a traffic collision. A conversation with your Personal Injury lawyer will provide peace of mind and it will guide you through the process.

3. Take photographs with your cell phone

If you are physically able to do so, and if it is safe to get out of your car, you must take photos at the scene of accident.

Capture your property damage AND the property damage of the other vehicles involved, including photographs of other vehicles' license plates. 

4. After taking photographs of the position of the cars after the impact, if your car is drivable, you should move your vehicle to a safe spot

Don't make the mistake of moving your car prior to taken photographs of the ending position of the cars in relation with the road. Take good wide angle photos, as you can always zoom in later. 

5. Exchange information with all driver's involved in the collision 

Take a clear photo of all drivers' licenses and proof of Insurance showing the vehicle VIN's number.

6. Do not discuss the collision

Avoid discussing the accident with other drivers. Do allow other drivers to apologize and take note of their apologies.

7. Find and gather personal witnesses' information

While you wait for the Police to arrive, it is always a good idea to find out if anyone witnessed the collision. It is best to obtain the name and telephone number of all eye's witnesses. Also, take the information of all other vehicles' passengers.


1. Request the manager or a "person in charge" and demand an incident report to be made.

2. Take photos of the condition which caused you to slip and fall.

3. Take note of any explanation provided by staff members and obtain their personal information including their phone numbers.

4. Call your Personal Injury lawyer at Velasquez Law Group, PLLC immediately: (512) 746-2204

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